R.K Industries
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Garment Division

Behind every garment from R.K.Industries is a world of skill and technique from the most experienced of hands and the most modern machinery.

R.K.Industries follows a line system of production and has flexible lines which can easily be aligned to get the best productivity based on the Product and order size.


Cutting Section

Cutting section is equipped with computerized Accumack Pattern/Grading system. Cutting is done manually and in blocks to get the perfect match.

  • R.K.Industries uses GGT Accumark system for Pattern making and Grading
  • All cutting is done in blocks and refolded and re-cut to get the best matching
  • Trolleys are used to get reduce handling.



  • Factories are equipped with Automatic Production Handling systems to reduce manual handling, increase productivity and better tracking of production status.
  • Various special Machines like Welt Pocket Machine,Fornt Placket Machine, folders and other attachments are used to ensure Consistent product quality.
  • Collar and Cuff etc are stitched using templates to maintain consistent shape.
  • In-line Checkers ensure that the product coming off the line is as per spec.


  • Each factory has a independent finishing area.
  • All garments are 100% checked before packing
  • The finishing area is equipped with Steam ironing tables and Folding table and also conveyors to reduce handling
  • Needle detectors are installed in the finishing conveyor.
  • Garments can be Scan pack and data transmitted via EDI.


Fabric division Washing & Printing